Convenience Abounds In The New Ford Flex

Here at King Ford, we often assist Murphy families in finding a vehicle that is both practical and convenient. As a result, we often find ourselves pointing people in the direction of the new Ford Flex. This three-row midsize SUV is simply packed full of convenience features to make every day a little easier.

Perhaps our favorite convenience feature in the Ford Flex is its MyKey system. This feature allows you to program one of your keys to do things such as limit the speed, reduce the radio volume, or provide seat-belt reminders. You can then hand this key to the young driver in your life and be confident that they won't be able to do anything risky or dangerous in the vehicle.

Another helpful feature of the Flex is its power liftgate. Drivers can simply push a button on their key or inside of the vehicle and the liftgate will open on its own. Truly convenient for those times when you need to carry a lot of cargo.



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