The Innovative Driver-Assist Technologies of the Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford has designed the most advanced package of driver-assist technologies in the automotive industry with the Ford Co-Pilot360. This innovative package provides you and your passengers with excellent safety. Our staff at King Ford serving Murphy has a goal to keep our consumers informed about the new technologies that come with our models. Read further to learn more about the Ford Co-Pilot360.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection is available with the Ford Co-Pilot360. This feature helps you avoid frontal collisions with pedestrians and vehicles. When the sensors detect a possible collision, it will provide you with an audible and visual warning. This system can also engage automatic emergency braking when necessary to avoid impact.

A Lane Keeping System is also included with the Ford Co-Pilot360. This feature comes with a forward-facing camera that monitors for unintentional lane drift. When it senses that you are unintentionally drifting too close to the lane markers, the steering wheel will vibrate. This system can also adjust steering torque to guide you back to the center of the lane.



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