Are You Having Trouble Seeing In The Rain?

There is nothing worse than turning on your windshield wipers during a storm only to discover that they aren't working as they should and you can't see clearly as a result. This is the result of worn wiper blades and highlights the importance of checking them frequently and changing them as needed.

The blades for your windshield wipers break down over time, becoming hard and brittle. This is in addition to the degradation of the rubber blade due to the friction generated by the back and forth motion across the windshield. The results of all this are streaks when the wipers are in motion and a general blur that is difficult to see through. This is why occasional inspection of wiper blades is a good idea.

Having your blades checked and replaced doesn't have to be a hassle. If you've noticed a drop in quality of how well they work, then come see us at King Ford and well check and change them for you. We are located in Murphy.
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