Advanced Technology Takes Ford C-Max To The Top

The Ford C-Max is a game changer when it comes to compact hybrid class cars. It not only offers excellent fuel efficiency, it also offers the power that you need to get around town. This is definitely a hybrid that you need to consider for your next vehicle. Let’s see why.

Aside from a powerful 2.0L iCVT Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine, it uses an ion lithium battery to store power to give you an all-electric mode that can cruise along at up to 85 mph. Regenerative braking diverts power that is often wasted when coming to a stop back to the engine so that can be used for more power when it is needed.

The advanced features of the Ford C max do not stop here. You will need to stop by King Ford in Murphy, NC and drive one to see what else it offers.

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