Looking Ahead to the 2019 Ford Fusion

Who isn't excited about the release of the 2019 Ford Fusion? This fun, updated sedan is one of the most anticipated new cars of next year already. The additional tech and engine features certainly will not disappoint.

Ford has announced that it is rolling out its Ford Co-Pilot360 smart tech system in order to keep drivers from getting into avoidable accidents on the road. Additional sensors to detect approaching cars in your blind spot as well as lane keep assistance will help you stay safe all the way to your final destination. The 2019 Ford Fusion will also have more horsepower than any other car in its class with the 2.7-liter v6 EcoBoost engine. Power up quickly and reliably with this performance engine to get where you need to go.

Get ready for the 2019 Ford Fusion today at King Ford by taking the current model for a test drive.



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