Check Out the Durability Features That are Included With the 2018 Ford Super Duty

Ford is known for manufacturing the toughest heavy-duty trucks on the market. If you are looking for a superior heavy-duty truck, the 2018 Ford Super Duty is an excellent option because it comes loaded with exceptional durability features. We have summarized a few of its durability features below.

The 2018 Super Duty comes with four-wheel anti-lock brakes that are the largest in its class. These brakes provide drivers with excellent stopping capability. Another durability feature that comes with the 2018 model is a fully-boxed high-strength steel frame that is much stiffer than previous models. The steel frame is only one reason it has the best towing capability in its class.

Do you want to take the 2018 Ford Super Duty for a test drive? We welcome you to stop by our dealership at King Ford in Murphy to take it for a spin.



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