2018 Ford Fiesta – It May Not Fly but It’s Still a Future Car

The people of Murphy may be down to earth, practical folks, but that doesn’t mean we don’t look to the future. Technology has come a very long way in the past few decades, especially in engineering and computer technologies. This has changed the way we communicate and do business, but who would’ve guessed how much it’d shape our cars?

Well, evidently, Ford did. The 2018 Fiesta’s a new definition of intelligent, high-tech design with a plethora of smart features. Alongside an intuitive standard rear view camera (with UI parking assist), intelligent push-button start, it also features a state of the art control system called MyKey. MyKey was built with families in mind, allowing you to enforce safe driving practices with anyone whom uses your vehicle – seat belt reminders, enforced speed limits, audio level controls are just a few features it offers. Coupled with an intuitive dash display, and you have a comfortable, safe, futuristic piece of engineering.

Come visit us today at King Ford for a test drive and see just how smart the 2018 Fiesta really is.



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