Brake Fluid Helps Your Vehicle Stop

An automobiles braking system can't function properly without brake fluid. This fluid is distributed through a brake line, and it activates when you step on your brake pedal.

Brake fluid works by generating pressure in a brake line. This pressure interacts with a piston, which is mounted within a brake caliper. As this happens, air from the pressure pushes brake fluid around in the lines, and this process makes different rotors squeeze a brake pad. When every pad presses against a tire, the wheels gradually slow down until the car stops.

Brake maintenance is a strategic job that requires precision. If a brake line on a vehicle doesn't hold enough brake fluid, efficiency problems will occur during every stopping situation. At King Ford, you can service your vehicle's brake lines, pads, and more. We work on a variety of new and used automobiles for people in Murphy, NC and surrounding areas.

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