The 2019 Ford Escape is a Vehicle That Drives With You

Many people are just content with a vehicle that does not drive against them. However, we at King Ford do no believe this is enough. We look for vehicles that will drive with you. We have found this type of vehicle in the 2019 Ford Escape with the technology features.

One thing that we want driving to be is effortless. Fortunately, the Ford Escape is designed to provide effortless driving. There are features such as the driver assist features which are helpful in getting you where you want to be safely and easily. One such feature is the adaptive cruise control.

A more important feature is the type of feature that helps you avoid collisions. The forward collision warning feature is one of the features that are good for making sure that you are able to avoid any costly issues. When you take the Ford Escape for a test drive, you will see for yourself the advantages you will get.



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