These Ford Taurus Tech Features Will Make you Happy

Face it, tech features make everyone excited. It is like having new toys to play with, and the popular sedan Ford Taurus has that in spades. You'll want to try these features out while driving through town with a test drive at King Ford.

New Taurus Offers Blind Spot Protection

The blind spot detection system is here to help ensure that you do not hit a vehicle you can't see because it's in your blind spot. The technology uses your cameras and sensors to keep you safe; how cool is that?

Stay Connected

This Ford is also compatible with Apple and Android. It comes with a Sync system that allows you to control your smart devices through the vehicle in a safe manner. You can hear your music or answer calls from your vehicle.

The Taurus has a lot more to play with and a lot more to make your ride cooler, so take your test drive soon.



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