2 Power Features of the Ford Super Duty

At King Ford, we have found the Ford Super Duty to be a popular heavy-duty pickup. Equipped with a 6.2L Flex-Fuel Gas V8 engine, it has tremendous pulling power. Two of our favorite power features of the Ford Super Duty are diesel engine exhaust braking and available adaptive cruise control with collision warning.

You'll have good control over the vehicle while driving downhill because of diesel engine exhaust braking. Even with heavy loads, this feature works to improve control you have over the truck. Diesel engine exhaust braking works by limiting the turbocharger's exhaust flow. Adaptive cruise control with collision warning precharges the truck's brakes to help keep you safe on the road. As traffic slows, adaptive cruise control decreases the speed of your pickup. It automatically goes back up to the preset speed once traffic resumes.

The Ford Super Duty's helpful power features give you greater control and safety on the road. Having precharged brakes can prevent a collision from occurring. And the diesel engine exhaust braking further increases control going downhill.



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