The grille design on the 2023 Ford Escape is bold and eye-catching with its new trapezoid-shaped profile. It is finished in high-gloss black paint, giving it an upscale look. This grille also features chrome accents that accentuate its boldness even further. The headlamps on the new 2023 Ford Escape are designed to give it a more aggressive look with their angular shape and slick LED lighting technology. They are integrated into the overall body design to provide visibility even in low-light conditions in the Murphy. The tailgate on the 2023 Ford Escape has been redesigned to provide easy access for loading and unloading cargo with its hands-free liftgate feature. It also comes with a rear power window for added convenience when loading bulky items into your vehicle.

?The wheels of the 2023 Ford Escape come in various sizes ranging from 17 inches to 19 inches, allowing you to customize your vehicle according to your personal preference and lifestyle needs. Check it out at King Ford.

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